Planning, implementation and operation of tolling systems

Tolling – what may sound simple at first glance has evolved to become a complex field of work. In designing, implementing and operating tolling systems, special attention must be given to questions of feasibility, customer-orientation and cost efficiency. Eriksroed Consulting has the necessary experience to play a decisive role in the design of the legal and contractual frameworks. Whenever those frameworks are not correctly defined, suboptimal implementation will be the result. Political guidelines and requirements have to be respected. It is absolutely crucial, however, to make sure political decision-makers understand the scope and practical consequences of their choices. Tolling results in a myriad of payment transactions. This is exactly where Eriksroed Consulting comes in: We help design the commercial processes efficiently, be it for pre- or post-pay solutions:

  • Tracking of road usage
  • Invoicing
  • Booking
  • Receipt of payment
  • Dunning

We offer support in the design of different kinds of tolling systems:

  • Distance-based electronic tolling
  • Time-based tolling (toll stickers)
  • Manual and automatic toll plazas

We have experience with all forms of payment, whether in points of sale, online, through call-centers or with fully-automated processes:

  • Cash payments
  • Bank payments
  • Payment cards (debit- and credit cards)
  • Fleet cards

EETS – European Electronic Toll Service

For road-users, EETS shall present a simple solution: one contract, one account and one On-Board-Unit (OBU) for all tolling systems in Europe. The directive 2004/52/EG of April 29, 2004 (interoperability of electronic tolling systems in the European Union) and the decision 2007/750/EG of the European Commission of October 6, 2009 (defining features of EETS and its technical components) defined the legal framework and requirements for EETS. But important questions remain:

  • Who pays for EETS?
  • What does a functioning system look like?
  • Which further legal frameworks are to be set by legislators?
  • Which steps are to be taken by Toll Chargers and EETS-Providers?

Eriksroed Consulting has experience with developing functional and technical input for legislators and has a thorough understanding of the situation for both Toll Chargers and potential EETS-Providers. Eriksroed Consulting can thus support all parties to take the right steps, be it as

  • Legislator on European or national level,
  • Toll Charger or
  • EETS-Provider.