5 years Eriksroed Consulting

January 2015

At the beginning of 2015 Eriksroed Consulting celebrates its first five years. Five years filled with exciting, successful and intense projects. The company has found its position in the market, and 27 different customers from 9 countries have trusted in the competence of Eriksroed Consulting.

Long-term business relations have been established during these five first years and the first customer is still a very loyal client.

By now the partner network of Eriksroed Consulting has grown considerably, so that also larger assignments can be accepted during the next years.

Eriksroed Consulting thanks all customers and partners for their confidence and looks forward to continuing the co-operation!

Mandatory OBU in Norway

December 2014

As of 01.01.2015 Norway tightens the regulations for vehicles above 3,5 tons maximum permissible weight. In order to allow a more efficient charging of road tolls, all commercial vehicles of this weight category must be equipped with an On-Board-Unit (OBU) when travelling in Norway. Furthermore a valid contract with the issuer of the OBU is required. These requirements are valid for the usage of all roads in Norway, no matter whether toll is actually collected for the particular road!

It is highly recommend obtaining an OBU before travelling to Norway! Failure to fulfil the new regulations regarding OBU is “rewarded” with fines of minimum 8.000 NOK.

In addition to the norwegian issuers of OBUs also the Danish company BroBizz (web: www.brobizz.dk, mail: info@brobizz.dk)  and the Austrian company ASFINAG European Toll Service (web: www.go-maut.at,  mail: easygo@asfinag.at) offer OBUs certified for Norway. The OBUs offered by BroBizz and ASFINAG are not only valid for tolling in Norway, but also in the tolling systems of Denmark and Austria.

Source: Eriksroed Consulting

A cashless society – reality soon?

July 2014.

In Scandinavia, electronic money is used much more frequently than in Central Europe.

In Norway especially, the use of cash is constantly decreasing. As of today, 96 out of 100 transactions are made electronically, that is to say using debit- and credit cards as well as mobile phones. In the first half of 2014, more than 740 million card-based transactions were processed, a plus of nearly nine percent compared to the same period of last year. Great Britain and Sweden are the only countries in which even less cash is used.

The advantages are clear. Safety increases as less and less cash is transported. Fraud is made more difficult and easier to detect due to the tracing of electronic payments. Also, the macroeconomic costs of using e-money are far below those of money in its traditional form.

Source: http://www.nrk.no/norge/onsker-et-kontantfritt-norge-i-2020-1.11830344 (July 14, 2014)

New generation of On-Board-Units in Norway

December 2013.

The Norwegian road authorities introduce a new tolling standard. Eriksroed Consulting supported the tendering procedure.

The technical standards for so-called OBUs (On-Board-Units) for the Norwegian tolling system have been changed by Statens Vegvesen, the Norwegian public road agency. As part of the process, Statens Vegvesen applies the European norm EN15509 and replaces the proprietary AutoPASS-Standard used hitherto. Eriksroed Consulting was, together with national advisors, involved in the detailed design and definition of the terms of tender. The evaluation of the offers was carried out by Statens Vegvesen.

The two bidders Norbit (of Norway) and technology provider Kapsch TrafficCom (of Austria) were awarded the contract. Kapsch will thus deliver OBUs for the electronic tolling system AutoPASS to Norway for the first time in 2014.

Delivery will begin in the first half of 2014 and will be distributed over the next four years.

Source: Kapsch press release (December 16, 2013), Eriksroed Consulting

Electronic tolling system started in Belarus

August 2013.

Commercial operation of the new tolling system in Belarus started this month. More than 800 kilometres of the Belarussian road network are now tolled electronically.

The road toll applies to all vehicles with a maximum permissible weight > 3.5 tonnes and vehicles with a maximum permissible weight < 3.5 tonnes registered outside the tolling union Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan.

The Belarussian subsidiary of Kapsch supplied the system using microwave technology also used in Austria. The total length is 815 kilometres. Eriksroed Consulting delivered the complete payment transaction solution together with a subcontractor. The focus lay on the design of the software merging all transactions (cash/card) in one integrated system as well as on training and instruction after the start of operations. The total investment volume amounted to about 270 million Euros.

Source: Eriksroed Consulting

Change in money laundry law in Germany

December 2011.

On December 16, 2011, the Federal Council of Germany passed the proposed legislation “Gesetz zur Optimierung der Geldwäscheprevention” (law on optimisation of money laundry prevention).

The changes also affect the e-money industry (e.g. prepaid credit cards). What’s new is that not only banks, but also companies which sell banks’ electronic money products, are affected. An essential duty now includes identifying the customer when topping up electronic money. The new law defines a minimum border of 100 euros per month. For amounts below this threshold, no registration is required. (Note: If you are affected by these regulations, refer to the competent authorities to receive detailed information!)

In the original proposal, no minimum threshold was defined. This would have resulted in anonymous prepaid credit cards and also anonymous payments in e-commerce (e.g. Paysafe Card) being virtually forbidden.

It remains to be seen whether criticism directed against Germany’s non-compliance with the EU directive against money laundry (2005/60/EG) will be stilled by this move.

Source: Eriksroed Consulting

Tolling Norway

September 2011.

Annual conference Norvegfinans

Norvegfinans – the association of Norwegian road financing companies – held its annual conference in Bergen from September 19 to September 20, 2011.

In Norway, road projects are partly financed through public funds and party through tolling. The conference was well-attended and all relevant stakeholders in the road financing industry were present. With the minister for transport and communication – Magnhild Melveit Kleppa – in the lead, challenges for the future of road financing in Norway were intensely debated. Tore Eriksroed of Eriksroed Consulting gave a speech about tolling seen from a European perspective and the relevance of European experience for Norwegian tolling projects. The presentation can be downloaded here.

Presentation (in Norwegian).

Source: Eriksroed Consulting