Insurance goes tolling

New players have entered the European tolling industry. In Italy the Unipol insurance group, through its company AlfaEvolution Technology S.p.A., registered as an EETS provider. In Norway, the toll service provider Fjellinjen Utsteder AS was acquired by Fremtind Forsikring AS, the insurance branch of the banks Sparebank 1 and DNB.

AlfaEvolution Technology received the registration as EETS provider from the Italian Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport in July 2020. With this registration the company is authorised to offer EETS services in Italy and across Europe after accreditation in the respective toll domains. The accreditation with the Italian toll chargers is already in progress.

In August 2020 Fremtind Forsikring announced the acquisition of service provider operations with 750.000 tolling customers from Fjellinjen, the toll charger in the Oslo region in Norway. The majority of the customers are consumers in Oslo and surroundings. Fremtind Forsikring announced that an objective is to simplify toll payments for their customers.

The approaches selected by AlfaEvoluation Technology and Fremtind Forsikring are quite different. The Italians have registered as a new player in the tolling industry, and the Norwegians have acquired the largest toll service provider in the country. They share, however, a focus on the toll payment services for light vehicles. It will be interesting to follow how they can combine insurance and tolling services and how they position themselves in the tolling market.

It is not new that financial institutions play a role in tolling. In Spain, banks have been issuers of on-board-units for the Spanish tolling system for many years, and have played a key role in increasing the market penetration for electronic tolling. With insurance companies entering the tolling market this year, the potential for a bigger market impact is large.

Source: Eriksroed Consulting

10 years Eriksroed Consulting

In 2020 Eriksroed Consulting celebrates that the company has been operating for 10 years. These years have been filled with exciting, successful and intense projects. The company has found its position in the market, and both small and larger customers from across Europe have trusted in the competence of Eriksroed Consulting.

Long-term business relations have been established during these years and the first customer is still a very loyal client.

Over the last years Eriksroed Consulting has established a network of highly skilled partners, so that also larger assignments can be accepted during the next years.

Eriksroed Consulting thanks all customers and partners for their confidence and looks forward to continuing the co-operation!

TECS opens a subsidiary in Belarus

TECS telecommunication & e-commerce solutions GmbH, the Vienna-based provider of technical payment services and solutions, expands into Belarus. On 24.04.2020 a new 100%-owned subsidiary was registered in Minsk under the name “TECS IT Bel LLC”.

TECS has been active in Belarus since 2013 providing an omnichannel payment gateway to the Belarusian road tolling system. The establishment of TECS IT Bel LLC opens new possibilities for delivering payment solutions in the Belarusian market. Mr. Fazlollah Rostamian – managing director of TECS in Austria – stated that “The new subsidiary allows us to offer a wide range of payment-related products to customers in Belarus, especially in the field of e-commerce.”

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