Mandatory OBU in Norway

December 2014

As of 01.01.2015 Norway tightens the regulations for vehicles above 3,5 tons maximum permissible weight. In order to allow a more efficient charging of road tolls, all commercial vehicles of this weight category must be equipped with an On-Board-Unit (OBU) when travelling in Norway. Furthermore a valid contract with the issuer of the OBU is required. These requirements are valid for the usage of all roads in Norway, no matter whether toll is actually collected for the particular road!

It is highly recommend obtaining an OBU before travelling to Norway! Failure to fulfil the new regulations regarding OBU is “rewarded” with fines of minimum 8.000 NOK.

In addition to the norwegian issuers of OBUs also the Danish company BroBizz (web:, mail:  and the Austrian company ASFINAG European Toll Service (web:,  mail: offer OBUs certified for Norway. The OBUs offered by BroBizz and ASFINAG are not only valid for tolling in Norway, but also in the tolling systems of Denmark and Austria.

Source: Eriksroed Consulting