A cashless society – reality soon?

July 2014.

In Scandinavia, electronic money is used much more frequently than in Central Europe.

In Norway especially, the use of cash is constantly decreasing. As of today, 96 out of 100 transactions are made electronically, that is to say using debit- and credit cards as well as mobile phones. In the first half of 2014, more than 740 million card-based transactions were processed, a plus of nearly nine percent compared to the same period of last year. Great Britain and Sweden are the only countries in which even less cash is used.

The advantages are clear. Safety increases as less and less cash is transported. Fraud is made more difficult and easier to detect due to the tracing of electronic payments. Also, the macroeconomic costs of using e-money are far below those of money in its traditional form.

Source: http://www.nrk.no/norge/onsker-et-kontantfritt-norge-i-2020-1.11830344 (July 14, 2014)