Eriksroed Consulting

Eriksroed Consulting is a solution-oriented management consulting firm founded by Tore Eriksroed, who has been living in Vienna for more than twenty years. The consulting services are based on the three pillars business administration, project management and IT and are offered Europe-wide. The focus is always on practical and customer-oriented solutions. Eriksroed Consulting supports its customers in all project phases, ranging from the initial feasibility analysis to implementation and the start of operations. Road tolling and payment services are two of the main areas of specialization. In case more extensive resources are needed – whether for a larger project or when special skills are needed – the broad network of Eriksroed Consulting is activated to constitute the right team for the task.

“Think straight, talk straight”

We believe that the Eriksroed Consulting slogan as displayed in the logo speaks for itself. Customers who turn to Eriksroed Consulting can expect clear and straightforward answers to their questions. The solutions developed and offered are practical and to the point. “Think straight, talk straight” is also a commitment to integrity, honesty and unconditional customer-orientation. Originally, the motto stems from Arthur Andersen (1885 – 1947), the founder and longstanding CEO of the audit- and consulting corporation bearing his name.